Thursday, February 3, 2011

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Dessert Nougat ice cream ... as promised! :)

Eccoci di nuovo...come vi avevamo anticipato, vi postiamo una new recipe ... a tasty ice cream at last! You know all the nougat that remains after the Christmas period? do not know what to do and do not want to eat tons otherwise your teeth will be affected? well ... read this tasty recipe !.... we have a premise, the basic recipe for ice cream in the kitchen and Frederick , which is a great starting point to make your ice cream (actually I suggest you to visit this blog because it's worth it) ... the rest of the recipe is completely instead of our own invention!

ingredients for ice cream:

70 grams of chopped nougat (mine was almond)

200 g cream 120 g skimmed milk (if you have skimmed more .. . I do not had available)
2 egg yolks 60 g sugar

Ingredients for the layers:

100 gr white chocolate
200 grams of raspberries
100 grams of dark chocolate
some dry biscuit or milk


Heat the milk in a pan, in part passed to the mixer the egg yolks with sugar and once you get a creamy, gradually add milk, stir and refrigerate for a couple of hours. Once this time, add the cream and pour into ice cream maker. It takes about 30 minutes of time, 5 minutes before add in your nougat ice cream, which you precedentemente spezzettato.

Preparazione degli strati: (da fare un paio d'ore prima del gelato)...frullate i lamponi e riponete in una ciotolina, a parte, fondete a bagno maria il cioccolato bianco e una volta fuso unitelo alla cremina di lamponi, riponete per un po' il tutto in frigorifero. Sempre a bagno maria fondete anche il cioccolato fondente e aggiungete, una volta fuso, dei biscotti sbriciolati, per dare un gusto croccante al palato.

Per la preparazione gestite un po' i tempi in modo da avere 3 passaggi:

1) on a plate, place a pastry rings or pull a mold and then pour the chocolate to make the base of the cake, store in the freezer long enough to see it strengthened.
2) once the first step, pour your ice cream dessert served again in the molds and store in freezer (be sure to place a layer of plastic wrap on top with ice cream, so your surface will be smoother. Fate slightly harden the ice cream.
3), transferred to the upper base of your raspberry sauce and white chocolate and store back in the freezer until ready to serve!

and enjoy your meal ... oh I forgot perhaps the 2000 calories you do not remove the no ... ahahaha


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